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Hello there everyone~ ^o^ !!
As I said in the comments of the post below, I've uploaded the Kiyosho series.
I guess it's not strictly BL but it's about BL so I hope it's ok :)
This series is about a group of salary men who are one day told by their boss to make a BLCD for their company.
Little did they know that this was purely because the boss wanted to impress his BL-obsessed daughter...
So these guys, who know nothing about BL or what it entails, set off on their big mission to make the best BLCD ever...

It's a great series with lots of comedy, and it's bound to please any BL-fan because it's full of BL references and in a way contains some satire about BL as a whole.
And it's full of great seiyuus!
(including Ishida-san as a robotic chicken...)

So if you aren't yet hooked, give it a go!

Kiyosho vol.1~4
Seiyuu: Horiuchi Kenyuu, Fukuyama Jun, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Ueda Yuji, Yamamoto Taisuke, Kosugi Jurota, Ishida Akira et al.


Could I also make a request?
Does anyone have the latest Kiyosho CD (Vol. 5) which was released last month?
I'd be very very grateful if anyone could share this CD!

Thank you!
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