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BL Terminology

Posted by nanya_hime on 2006.02.19 at 20:19
Hi everyone, I have compiled a small collection of terminology, which maybe useful for BL newbies (or even non newbies). If you have other terms to add, please feel free as a lot of words are otaku terminology and not easy to understand. I hope this is permitted to be posted here and I apologize if it's not allowed (but I think it's relevant because it may help you to categorize seme/uke better??)

According to an article by hartmann109, it seems the "term" moe can be used to describe people with lolikon. I think they're just as applicable to shotakon (in BL) or even normal BL.
Kichiku (鬼畜), Choukyou (調教), Shokushu (触手), Junai (純愛), Naraku (奈落), Ryouki (猟奇)
You can conceptualize these different types via the Tamami Shiki (玉見式) to describe how moe is sustained in different people. The analogy is created by imagining contact with an egg.

Kichiku - The egg is cracked instantly. Usually the person is a pure Hentai who just enjoy crushing the other person.
Choukyou - The egg rolls and rolls. To "tune" the subject and often uses instruments.
Shokushu - The egg starts to alter its shape. To transform into metallic bodies with many branches or "extensions" that serve like chinxx
Ryouki - The egg melts (?) Hunter type to the person is thirsty for blood and just likes to slaughter.
Junai - The chick hatches normally out of love. This is the normal "pure" love
Naraku - Since Naraku refers to hell, then it's a normal person (junai) who just met some terrible experiences and then transform into hentai. This is quite close to the Ryouki who are not very normal to begin with.

Of course, in BL drama, it's quite rare I guess to see Shokushu type (but in BL games you may see them).

I guess in reading manga, my favorite is Choukyou. I always like to see seme who "fine tune" their uke for their own custom use XDD. In particular, I like the use of artistic items in the process. Interestingly, I DON'T LIKE western SM items as I find them too popularly portrayed. I like traditional Asian items as they spell a forbidden atmosphere: E.g. kimono or traditional Chinese outfit, tatoos, string musical instruments (that includes violin as I'm hopelessly in love with violin... everything about it is SO BEAUTIFUL), expensive food, art instruments, blood stained bandages. However, I dislike jeans, leather, chains, and ANY SORT OF RINGS!!! I can't stand rings x_x so NO PIERCING for me. In the past I like whip but not anymore.

In novels though, I prefer Junai with a slight type to Kichiku occasionally because when it comes to words, I don't want to read about pain but when it's visual only, I enjoy blood and pain x_x... what a weird syndrome. Finally, in drams ... since I prefer dramas based on novels, I guess I also like junai as all other form will make the uke moan TOO HARD x_x for my ears.

Then, there's also the type of seme:
- Kotoba seme: When they use words to make their uke feel it. This is quite popular in telephone sxx, and I think Koyasu-san often takes on roles requiring kotoba seme @o@.

- Hetare seme: Although they are seme, the real power is in the uke's hands and they only have control during the specific action... Konitan & Toriumi are both quite good at this. MikiShin's hetare seme can also be cute.

- Kichiku seme: Kichiku means ghost and beast so as above, it's the kind who enjoys crushing and giving their uke pain. I think Yusa, Narita san are quite famous for these roles ....

- Toshishita/Toshiue seme: This is related to the age of the seme. Toshishita being younger and Toshiue being older.

- Tsundere (ツンデレ) seme: Those who love but refuse to admit they do and pretend they don't care but when their position is being threatened by a potential seme figure, they become all possessive. This is also my favorite type of seme.

- Oresama seme: The kind who thinks he is master and assumes a superior position in the relationship. Quite often I guess in master-servant relationships.

-Chibi Akuma: This is applicable to both seme and uke (depending on the context). Imagine him being the mischievous type. I think Suzumura is quite famous for these types of roles (Chiba too).

- Mukuchi (無口): The silent type who often looks cool ... this is really typical of seme I think and I think Midorin loves to do these types of character (remember him in Brother).

Of course, combinations are possible and I think it's quite often to have Tsundere and Oresama going together, toshishita and hetare going together, and some kichiku seme are also oresama and/or kichiku.

As for uke:
- Otome uke (maiden): Although mostly I guess they are the ones who really look and act like females (the type I dislike). However, occasionally you have very manly people who become otome uke... most noticeably some BEAR UKE in Sex Pistols x_X...(manga he's cute but in the drama CD... I'm still a bit scared ^_^;;)

- Puri uke (prince uke): I'm a bit confused here... will you say those brainless uke like Nanbara's Midorin Puri uke as well??? Hmm...

- Jouou uke (queen uke): Haha, this is MY FAVORITE TYPE. In this case, the uke usually is in power but during smex, they are at the bottom (though they can also be on top in the case of a riding position)....they are also likely to be the Tsundere type)

- Ojousama uke: Usually it would refer to rich girls but in BL, it can also refer to those rich uke... like Fuyuki (CV: Yusa Kouji) in Kono Ai ni Hizamazuke.

- Aneki uke: Aneki just refers to sister but when it's an uke leader, especially in yakuza stories, he may also be referred to as aneki. Again, Fuyuki above or Shiba in S because he's like the "lover" (to outsiders) of an important yakuza figure.

- Tsundere uke: Same like the seme type but they just refuse to admit their heart has been conquered.

- Toshishita/ Toshiue uke: Contrary to seme, I think toshiue uke is more interesting because the power balance is now reversed and the seme is going to use keigo (formal language) ♥

- Tennen: This is not limited to uke and can also refer to seme but I think they appear more often in uke. Basically, this is the innocent type who just says things without thinking too deeply (like the child in Emperor's New clothes). Many uke are tennen and when I think of tennen, NojiKen and Suzuki Chihiro somehow come to mind ... dunno why x_x

- Haraguro: Means the stomach is black or it's just black inside. So, if you hear people say haraguro seme, he's the kind who smile (niko niko) on the surface but is thinking something really wicked inside. Haraguro seme is very likely to also be kichiku I think... because they always keep a smiling face but then plot the scariest thing inside. I guess the representative of Haraguro seme is Shichijou in Gakuen Heaven (CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro). Kaiya in Recipe too... as for haraguro uke... maybe Hakugou (CV: Ishida Akira) in Oujisama series.

Finally, there are 2 BLCD related threads at 2ch that I think provide some interesting neta about seiyuu and latest information on new BLCD releases. Sometimes fans will also write thoughts about BL dramas (but keep them short):

a few 2ch vocabulary for people who frequent 2ch ...
1. orz (_| ̄|〇) = this is actually pictorial, representing a falling position or means the person is in an embarrassing condition.
2. 鯖 (saba) = server
3. sage = This does not mean WISE. When you are replying to 2ch posts, type this in the mail so you're not pushing threads. On the other hand, when you try to push a thread up, you use age (meaning push up).
4. neta/netabare= spoiler
5. Kita = there it comes! キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!
6. AFK = Away From Keyboard
7. 死庫水 = Swimming Uniform (the one piece girls wear with a name tag on)
8. 殺必死 = fanservice
9. 二次元禁斷症 = prefer 2d people to real ones (I totally suffer from this)
10. R指定 = 15+ only
11. Anchisure = Anti Thread (usually to critize people harshly). So if you are supporting a seiyuu, don't do it in the Anti thread or you'll be boycott ;_;
12. Ota (ヲタ) = short form for otaku.
13. 乙 (otsu) = Abbreviation for Otsukuresama (or thanks for the good job)
14. GJ = Good job
15. 厨 = Based on the logic 中学生=中坊=厨房 (Chubou) or Middle School Obouchan. Anyway, this is used to describe people who are immature or childish. Again, if you see this as an suffix, it's not likely to be very nice x_x.


devilayu at 2006-02-19 14:01 (UTC) (Link)
I think this is a very good guide as there are not any sites I know of that deal with this type of thing. when I first got into BL, I found it hard to understand some wordings because sometimes the use was abstract.
nanya_hime at 2006-02-19 14:31 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I had so much pain understanding all those 2ch terms in the beginning but once I know them, it's so much fun XDD. It's like breaking the codes (stupid me).
autumn_belias at 2006-02-19 14:23 (UTC) (Link)
oh this is good thanks so much :)

i actually had the idea of an 'yaoi/BL dictionary' somwhere in another community but never got around to actually pull something out.

maybe this could be made into a broader basis than just this entry? i wouldn't go as far as to make a wiki but it might be interesting for people in the uhm 'general yaoi community' as well?

in any case, i'm gonna add this to my memories, wanna be able to trace it back quickly :D
nanya_hime at 2006-02-19 14:30 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, but there is ALREADY a huge audiowiki out there ...
There's also a glossary page and I'm going to add this to there sometime soon ^0^;;
autumn_belias at 2006-02-19 14:42 (UTC) (Link)
nono i didn't mean specifically for audio only but more a general yaoi thing ;) i know audiowiki but someone who's not into bl drama is more unlikely to stumble over it.
nanya_hime at 2006-02-19 14:48 (UTC) (Link)
I actually think it maybe a good idea to just expand the Audiowiki into a yaoiwiki as many drama CDs are based on manga/ novels anyway
autumn_belias at 2006-02-19 15:03 (UTC) (Link)
hmmmm yeah since the concept and the overview is already there that might indeed be an idea but the title isn't too catchy for general yaoi as it is at the moment. of course, i wouldn't mind if it became that way (and i'm willing to help with it around uh midmarch since then the first batch of exams lies behind me AND i won't be in a chem lab for six to nine hours a day and i only have to worry about the second exam batch)
Yet Another Fangirl
rusalkaz at 2006-02-19 17:41 (UTC) (Link)
Waaaai Educational! o_O Thank you so much nanya_hime-san! :D
moonrainty at 2006-02-19 18:09 (UTC) (Link)
this is really nicely done~!

AGE~! xD
tiarandear at 2006-02-19 22:59 (UTC) (Link)
Wow.. thanks for the info, Nanya! ^^ Very very helpful since I'm quite clueless with the terms ^^;;
youlover at 2006-02-19 23:12 (UTC) (Link)
Heeey, thanks for the info, Nanya-san! *^^* I'm saving this info in the memories!
splash at 2006-02-19 23:44 (UTC) (Link)
Waa, I'm putting this in memories too.. such a fun list :D Thankeee Nanyan~ x3~
suishoo at 2006-02-20 05:04 (UTC) (Link)
whoaaa~~ thank you for the info! that's interesting!
I always wonder about those 'coded' otaku language... hehehe
aoi_no_tsubasa at 2006-02-20 05:35 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you so much for the info!! It's really interesting~ ^^
I don't really get Shokushu though...
deverilin at 2006-02-20 05:44 (UTC) (Link)
Oh oh, and sasoi uke if I remember correctly~ :3
nanya_hime at 2006-02-20 15:17 (UTC) (Link)
You're right, that's sasoi uke ... another of my favorite ^_^;;
alex_of_silvana at 2006-02-20 06:13 (UTC) (Link)
Waoza! That is a lot of info! Thank you so much for taking your time and sharing all this!
And here I was thinking I was a typical otaku fan boy... I still got lots to learn ^^ heh!
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